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  • Green Cross Code for Business

Why should your business cross the road? To get to the greener side!

Do you remember the green cross code? In school, we all learnt the basics of road safety. But now we’re in the grown up real world, we need to rethink how we interact with the environment around us. Here’s some revision: The GREEN green cross code!

Avoiding your effect on the environment is no longer an option. All businesses are required to look closely at their impact and develop a waste reduction strategy. Since the turn of the millennium, global warming […]

  • Benefits of a Green Business

How green can you get? Environmental kudos save money and time.

The need to produce less waste and emit less greenhouse gas has filtered down to the consumer level. Residents are now expected to separate household waste for recycling. The tradition of black sacks destined every week for the landfill is disappearing. Many councils now charge a levy for landfill waste. Some have taken to fining residents who do not meet the city recycling criteria. Instructions for operatives are to collect no more than a set amount of sacks from each […]

  • worf-life-balance-feature

Work life balance: get it right and find your happy place!

More and more constraints are placed on your time, and your working week extends far beyond the nine to five. Getting the work life balance to lean in your favour is an ever complicated process. The advent of broadband has extended the office into the home. Nowadays customers often expect an instant response, even when the working day has ended. It is all important to get the mixture right: you should work to live, not live to work.Richard Branson introduced […]

  • bob-the-builder-feature

My Norango – Weddings & Woodchips: one client’s story.

Starting my business wasn’t easy. I had served my time as an apprentice, far too much time if you ask me. I was a skilled chippy, ready to take on the world’s carpentry needs. Well, that is what I thought anyway. I had spent years learning the finer points of dowel joints and had planed more than my fair share of planks.

But the reality of being a modern day woodworker soon dawned on me. My days were long and unsatisfying. […]

  • Customer Service AI

Is blood or bot the way to excellent customer service?

The service industry is the largest growing work sector in the world. Industry and manufacturing are no longer the backbone of our economic prosperity. We have focussed our endeavours on developing the service sector to meet the demand of the modern consumer.

Yes, it’s true that customers, more and more, expect an instant response. Issues can escalate in an instant on social media. An instant response that supports your company image may well seem like a dream come true. Customers are […]

  • Why You Should Outsource

Outsourcing: 5 reasons why it’s better out than in.

Move over Roger Waters; we’re going both to the dark side and into the light. We’re taking a look at the common objections to, and the advantages of, outsourcing.

Here at Norango we deliver excellent customer service. We handle calls for our clients every day. Most of the people that connect with us have no idea that they are speaking to an external agent enjoying the comfort of their own home. We deal with your business issues and customer queries long […]

  • service-24feature

Speedy Service: how important is it in the modern world?

I have worked for myself, then later for a large brewery. I am well aware that a bad service experience can cause a larger ripple of damage than you think. Especially when it comes to the initial contact. How many times have you been standing at a bar or check out, or waiting at a counter, and felt ignored? Your issues not dealt with and your money not spent?

In my previous incarnation as a restaurant manager, my role involved training […]

  • Cloud Services

Cloud control: is it really that powerful?

Rain, you might say. Thunder maybe or if you’re super unlucky; hailstones. If you’re going to get scientific, I expect H2O and static electricity will surface. But I’m not talking about chemistry.

Calling this internet storage phenomenon the ‘cloud’ is a bit of an understatement. There are vast banks of giant servers in warehouses across the globe; cloud upon cloud upon cloud. These towering grey cumulonimbi should be able to hold over 1 exabyte of information. That’s a fifth of all […]

  • girl_smallfeature

Work from home: 5 ways to be a super hero

Have you ever seen ‘The Incredibles’? It is one of my favourite Disney films. The lady lead is my favourite superhero.

All the other Disney Princesses have one thing in common. Apart from Alice, who is a little young for it, their happy endings include the man of their dreams. Or at least, the nearest thing they could find. That’s where the story ends. Once you put the proverbial ring on it and kid production has started, no one wants to […]