Multilingual Services

With business having truly entered into the digital age it’s almost impossible to avoid the lure of reaching out to foreign markets. Being able to provide a service to your clients in a language they understand will not only improve your customer service experience. You will soon see the tactical advantages when entering into negotiations. Our expert team of multilingual customer service professionals are not only fluent, by taking advantage of our virtual call centre we can connect you with an individual who lives their life immersed in your chosen language.

Now, It’s a Global Market

It is estimated that £50 billion is lost every year to British businesses due to breakdowns in multi lingual communication. By building a better bond with your overseas business partners, your efforts will soon turn into sales. You can relax knowing that negotiations, and your brand, are in the hands of a fluent and skilled Virtual Assistant from Norango.

Full language service available

Your inbound services specialist will produce literature for you to use, while also providing you with information from your customers in a language you understand. Our buddy system for proof reading will ensure all your documents are checked by a third party to ensure correctness. You can soon be connecting to a global audience for a fraction of the cost normally associated with international expansion.

Online live web chat


  • Full 24 hour, 365 service.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Dedicated agent option.
  • Web chat, telephone or email.
  • Online FAQ builder tool.
  • First call resolution SLAs.
  • Full transaction reporting.
  • Online callflow designer.
  • Online rota management.
  • Customer follow-up.
  • Call until answered.
  • Multi-level support.
  • Calls transferred/conferenced.
  • Call monitoring and recording.
“Symbox® are global providers of Business Process & Workflow Management software, solutions and managed services to the Communications, Broadcast & Media Industries. The Symbox® BPMS platform and portfolio of solutions, are available on premise/on demand or as a managed service and help automate, manage and optimize customer, financial, operational and IT based processes, in order to increase revenue, reduce churn, minimize cost and maximize productivity.

What has been great about this project is that we don’t have to immediately take every call. Instead we can filter the calls, allowing us to focus on the most important calls first. Norango has provided the service we’d expect from a call answering service. Norango’s staff members are both professional and polite. We would recommend Norango to other businesses as “It does what it says on the tin” they provide a service which we need. If a company were to be sitting on the fence about whether to work with Norango or not I’d tell them that they have probably got more important things to be worried about and to just get on with it thereby giving themselves more time to focus on their more important business issues.”

Gordon Perry C.E.O., Symbox

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