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Anything but simple, these solutions offer a lot more that just telephone answering. Our bureau services are unrivalled. A team of intelligent customer service experts are available to answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your existing telephony package will seamlessly integrate with our state of the art contact centre. You will be given a number that connects you directly to a crystal clear answering network, you can then share this number with your customers, or transfer your existing calls to our call handling specialists. Your messages can then be entered into your own system, software or you can choose to use our intelligent call flow systems to receive instant notification. Either way, with Norango, you will always receive coherent and clear messages from your clients, in the format you desire.

With 24 hour support available for your business for a fraction of the cost of direct employment, and with the complete flexibility offered by our bundled pricing plans you will soon see the savings, while also enjoying the advantages of providing round the clock support to your customers.

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  • 50 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 50 patched call minutes
  • 1 local number


  • 100 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 100 patched call minutes
  • 1 local number


  • 275 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 150 patched call minutes
  • 1 local number


  • 600 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 200 patched call minutes
  • 1 local number

If you choose Norango you will be in good company!

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Environmentally Sustainable

Norango puts the environment in the forefront of all of it’s activity, operating a truly paperless cloud based contact centre with the lowest carbon footprint of any service of its kind. We believe our service to be a world leader in the provision of sustainable, Eco-friendly and responsible business communications services.

Our network of virtual receptionists work from home without the need for car or train journeys and we don’t operate from aircraft hanger sized premises with all of the associated damaging carbon emissions that heating, lighting, cooling and powering a building of such dimensions creates.

Believe it or not one of our competitors flies people to New Zealand (over 11,500 miles) to cover the night shift, with one return trip alone creating 10 times Norango’s total annual CO2 emission!

We are proud that our enthusiastic and committed team have no issue with rotating shifts, and that you won’t be paying for their holidays either.

Choosing or switching to Norango will undoubtedly lower your organisation’s impact on the environment!



  • Full 24 hour, 365 service.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Dedicated agent option.
  • Web chat, telephone or email.
  • Online FAQ builder tool.
  • First call resolution SLAs.
  • Full transaction reporting.
  • Online callflow designer.
  • Online rota management.
  • Customer follow-up.
  • Call until answered.
  • Multi-level support.
  • Calls transferred/conferenced.
  • Call monitoring and recording.
“We have worked with Norango for numerous years and are continually impressed with the first class service they provide. We have found the virtual receptionists to be very professional and welcoming; answering all of our customer enquiries and taking orders courteously and efficiently.

Norango is without doubt an extremely effective way to manage our ‘out-of-hours’ business calls. The team relay all messages accurately and promptly, which is a trait we value very highly; as it is an important part of our service as a coffee machine and supplies distributor to respond to all incoming calls.

Because of the faultless service they provide, we would highly recommend Norango. They are a genuine asset to our business and we are a very satisfied customer.”

Nicola, Roasted Coffee