Our clients love what we do for them everyday

As the UK’s foremost specialist in efficient steam generation, we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service, fast quotation response, quick order turnaround, and competitive pricing structure.

Known as “The Green Steam Company”; we offer cost and carbon cutting solutions to a variety of industries and it is important to us to use suppliers that assist us in this goal. Norango´s low impact business model means that we can use a call handling service whilst having very little effect on our carbon footprint.

We are proud that our boilers are extremely reliable but when there is an issue it is important that our 24 hour contract clients can access our support services whatever the time, day or night. In October 2014 we contacted Norango and they were able to provide everything we were looking for.

They handle calls from our clients, suppliers and potential clients, filtering them accordingly and make sure, when needed, our on call engineers are contacted without delay.

We even signed up new clients onto our 24 hour contract as a result which means the service it is paying for itself!

Brenda, CFB Boilers Ltd
We use Norango as we are always travelling and have peace of mind that any enquiries are dealt with professionally and efficiently.

We would recommend Norango very highly.

Neil, Project Generation
We have been customers of Norango for many years and have always been extremely satisfied with the service they provide.

We have multiple accounts set up and are adding more. Our clients are really happy they can speak to a person instead of an answerphone.

Nothing is too much trouble for Norango I would highly recommend them they are an asset to any Business.

Louise, Chief Vehicle Rentals
We have worked with Norango for many years. In the early days I was looking for a call centre to deal with a number of our clients’ needs. These clients include major organisations such as Sainsburys and Virgin Media. The requirement was a service to take important calls and log incident reports. What mattered the most when looking for the right company was trust, security and sustainability. The reason why I chose Norango for this project was because I received good first impressions from them.

In the early days we were immediately happy with the service. I find that they are responsive to change. I totally trust them and because of this I would recommend them to other businesses.

Philip, Risk Avert
Symbox® are global providers of Business Process and Workflow Management software, solutions and managed services to the Communications, Broadcast and Media Industries. The Symbox® BPMS platform and portfolio of solutions, help automate, manage and optimize operational and IT based processes, in order to increase revenue, reduce churn, minimize cost and maximize productivity.

Norango’s staff members are both professional and polite. We would recommend Norango to other businesses as “It does what it says on the tin” they provide a service which we need. If a company were to be sitting on the fence about whether to work with Norango or not I’d tell them that they have probably got more important things to be worried about and to just get on with it thereby giving themselves more time to focus on their more important business issues.

Gordon, Symbox.
We are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Our products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide. We need to be available at all hours for on call staff in hospitals and other medical institutions, who may need our products urgently.

Our calls need to be dealt with and handled the same way we would handle them ourselves. Having been a happy client of Norango’s for several years we have found that we can fully trust them to do just that. Urgent enquiries are always dealt with efficiently and correctly.

We would certainly recommend Norango’s services as they are extremely reliable. Whatever your expectations and specific needs are, Norango will be sure to meet them.

Barbara, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare