Multichannel Sales Order Taking

Working seven days a week and 365 days a year Norango will ensure that your cash register is ringing 24 hours a day! By being open for business at times most convenient to your buyers, you will almost certainly increase your sales by capturing business you would otherwise miss.

Simple, Scalable Integration

The Norango Sales Order Taking service is fast to set-up, fully scalable and provides a considerable return on investment.
Our simple pricing model allows you the flexibility to scale up or down according to demand. This means you are in complete control of your costs and avoid the necessity of employing expensive temporary or agency staff to cover busy sales periods such as Black Friday.

Norango’s Tailored Integration

Norango can integrate with your current sales order taking process to provide an efficient and seamless service to your buyers or, if preferred, create a stand-alone database of your products or services. Our dynamic FAQ system will ensure that our receptionists are in a position to advise callers of product features, delivery times and other relevant information at the point of sale.

We Get to Know You

Norango appreciates that no two organisations are the same so we are more than happy to provide your business with a fully bespoke inbound services solution. Our team of specialists will be delighted to offer advice and expertise regarding your needs so get in contact today.

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The answer is yes, now what’s the question?

24 hour(s) call handling

Scale up or down according to demand.

Business benefits:

  • No employment, management and occupancy costs.
  • Scale up or down with demand.
  • Happier customers and better web reviews.
  • You are open for business 24/7/365.


  • Full 24 hour, 365 service.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Dedicated agent option.
  • Web chat, telephone or email.
  • Online FAQ builder tool.
  • First call resolution SLAs.
  • Full transaction reporting.
  • Online callflow designer.
  • Online rota management.
  • Customer follow-up.
  • Call until answered.
  • Multi-level support.
  • Calls transferred/conferenced.
  • Call monitoring and recording.
“We have worked with Norango for numerous years and are continually impressed with the first class service they provide. We have found the virtual receptionists to be very professional and welcoming; answering all of our customer enquiries and taking orders courteously and efficiently.

Norango is without doubt an extremely effective way to manage our ‘out-of-hours’ business calls. The team relay all messages accurately and promptly, which is a trait we value very highly; as it is an important part of our service as a coffee machine and supplies distributor to respond to all incoming calls.

Because of the faultless service they provide, we would highly recommend Norango. They are a genuine asset to our business and we are a very satisfied customer.”

Nicola Freeman, Roasted Coffee

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