The answer is yes, now what’s the question?

Since 2001, our vast network of agents have taken millions of calls, emails, SMSs, webchats and support tickets on behalf our valued clients. By seamlessly becoming part of our client’s team, we have helped improve productivity, sales and reputation for nearly 20 years

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Why Norango?


We will adapt to your trading winds when you need us to, you are not locked into a 12 month contract and can always ensure we are offering the best value for you, every day


Our pricing is simple and straight forward, and is purposely built to ensure we can achieve an ongoing relationship with all of our clients


Business communication is our core business. Whether you want your communication by email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, in your portal/CRM, or all of the above, that is what we do

How are we different?

Our commitment to the planet

Norango are proud to be an ISO14001:15 certified company. Our business model of work from home agents, not only means we have happy agents, who transmit that happiness with every call, but we also have minimal to zero carbon footprint. We encourage and educate our teams to echo the Norango values of keeping green with virtual meetings, online resources and other green practices in their own homes as well. By partnering with Norango you can be confident you too are making a green choice.

We work how you want us to

Diverting your phone to us is a straight forward process, and we are more than happy to support your business by expertly answering these calls 24/7/365. But if you use Pipedrive, Zendesk, Zoho, Salesforce, Shopify or any other portal, would it not be easy if we did that for you too? We are not in the business of creating extra work for our clients, tell us how you want us to support your business communication and watch us put it into action.

It is so easy

The benefits are clear, but what is the sign-up process I hear you ask.  We need a phone call with you, a signature, ask you to carry out up to ten test calls, and then release your number to the world, and then you are off.

The contract, the onboarding, the ongoing support is as simple as you need it to be.



  • 50 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 50 patched call minutes
  • 1 local number
  • No set up charge


  • 100 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 100 patched minutes
  • 1 local number
  • No set up charge


  • 275 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 150 patched call minutes
  • 1 local number
  • No set up fee


  • 600 inbound/outbound minutes
  • 200 patched calls
  • 1 local number
  • No set up fee


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Testimonials are the first truly global group transport provider, with over 15,000 chauffeured coaches and minibuses in more than 50 countries.
As a global transport supplier with drivers operating a 24-hour service, it is crucial to our business that customers and drivers alike have access to our support teams and journey management system around the clock.
Norango provides us with intelligent support, their staff confidently and securely access our systems and liaise between our clients, supplier, and personnel in an efficient manner but without losing the personal touch. Too often call centres provide a wooden, scripted and unintelligent service, with Norango we are confident that no matter the time of day or day of the week, our clients and suppliers will be met with a friendly and helpful response to their calls.
Alan Gillman,
We have worked with Norango for many years. In the early days, I was looking for a call centre to deal with a number of our clients’ needs. These clients include major organisations such as Sainsbury’s and Virgin Media. The requirement was a service to take important calls and log incident reports. What mattered the most when looking for the right company was trust, security, and sustainability. The reason why I chose Norango for this project was because I received good first impressions from them. In the early days, we were immediately happy with the service. I find that they are responsive to change. I totally trust them and because of this I would recommend them to other businesses should they require their services.
Philip Thew, Risk Avert
Before finding Norango we were not sure if we were missing calls and therefore losing information. We decided to seek an out-of-hours service to overcome this issue. In the early days were concerned that customers would be put off if they are not speaking to people at the company itself. However, we were surprised and delighted to learn that in fact around 90% of the callers actually think they are speaking to a member of Eurotank, meaning that Norango gave the impression of being an extension of our company. When first looking for such a service we made a comparison with other companies and Norango came out the best with regards to cost. We got what we wanted with the service and we were surprised at the amount of calls we were missing. It certainly works well to capture these calls and for this reason we would definitely recommend their services and encourage other companies to give it a go!
Glenn, Eurotank
As a busy organisation we decided to find a partner to help manage our calls thus ensuring we did not miss any really important calls. In the early days we were concerned that this could lead to a loss of control and we were ultimately concerned about the quality of the service, however we soon found that we needn’t have had such concerns. What has been great about this project is that we don’t have to immediately take every call. Instead we can filter the calls, allowing us to focus on the most important calls first. Norango has provided the service we’d expect from a call answering service. Norango’s staff members are both professional and polite. We would recommend Norango to other businesses as “It does what it says on the tin” they provide a service which we need. If a company were to be sitting on the fence about whether to work with Norango or not I’d tell them that they have probably got more important things to be worried about and to just get on with it thereby giving themselves more time to focus on their more important business issues
Gordon Perry, Symbox
What first triggered us to look for such a service was that we were totally unsure of whether we were losing calls in “out of hours” or not. We looked at various companies and we found that your package beat the rest in price. We have had absolutely no problems or concerns at all. Quite simply, “it works”! We have already recommended you to other companies and we will continue to do so, which just goes to show how happy we are with the service you provide us!
Peter Centa, HoweGreen
Norango has helped us loads..previously our operations team spent about 50% of their day fielding calls: now only the most important ones come through. We tried a few other phone answering services but we loved their flexibility in adapting to the systems we use: feeding directly into our helpdesk and CRM systems. Highly recommended!
Daniel, LeftBrain Ltd
We are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Our products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide. We need to be available at all hours for on call staff in hospitals and other medical institutions, who may need our products urgently. Our calls need to be dealt with and handled the same way we would handle them ourselves. Having been a happy client of Norango’s for several years we have found that we can fully trust them to do just that. Urgent enquiries are always dealt with efficiently and correctly. We would certainly recommend Norango’s services as they are extremely reliable. Whatever your expectations and specific needs are, Norango will be sure to meet them.
Barbara, Fisher & Paykel


It can take as little as 30 minutes. We do not want to over complicate anything for you. We will ask about your business,understand key elements, VIP callers you may have, escalation paths etc., and ask that you allow us 48 hours to train our team and then we are off! But on your side, it will take less than 30 minutes of your time
We will of course be sad to see you go, but there are no hidden fees or lengthy contracts to tie you into us. You are completely free to reassess the service at any time, and your cancel your 30 day rolling contract at anytime
We take all necessary precautions to keep your and our data safe. We are ICO regulated and GDPR compliant, conforming with the Data Protection Act of 1998. This means we will only use your information for the purposes you specify, and you’ll always remain in control of your data. Our agents are taken through a GDPR awareness course with their induction and our systems are fully compliant as well
Yes, is the short answer. We are a cloud based contact centre and we are accustomed to working the way our clients want us to, be that using Google Suite, Zoho, PipeDrive, Slack, Teams, Zendesk, or any other combination of CRMs and portals. Just ask and we can make it happen
Flexibility is our middle name. There are several collaboration tools that we are accustomed to working with, so you can make the changes in real time so our agents have the same information you do, or you can utilise your account manager and have the comfort of speaking to a person to make those all important updates
When you join Norango, you will be given a non-geographic number to access our interchange. It is up to you how you use that number. Some of our clients choose to divert their current number to us at the times they want, and of course your callers are totally unaware that they have connected to a different number.

Other clients use the non-geographic number and enjoy the national coverage it provides.

Callers from all over the UK can call you with no difference in cost, based on their location.

If you already have a virtual number, we can simply port it into our systems. We can also supply 0800 and International numbers to suit your needs.

We sure do! Again 24/7/365, and handled by the same experts who are already taking your voice calls so they don’t need to be retrained. It takes minutes to set up, we will give you some code to add to the back end of your website, and once you have done that, sit back and let us chat to your chatters.

Within the webchat package, we also look after your FaceBook messenger account as well.

Right now, we can offer you services in Spanish and English! Soon to follow will be Portuguese, French and German.
We have a full bounty of contact centre offerings up our virtual sleeves! Norango can help with so much, you can see from our client testimonials that clients boast about their increased conversions, revenue and internal team focus. That can be you too

Whether you want your calls answered, your diary managed, WhatsApp available for callers, SMS to your engineers, email reports to your teams, or a First Line Support team, Norango has and is doing it.

There really is no catch