Work life balance: get it right and find your happy place!

Gez Couch -11th November 2016

More and more constraints are placed on your time, and your working week extends far beyond the nine to five. Getting the work life balance to lean in your favour is an ever complicated process. The advent of broadband has extended the office into the home. Nowadays customers often expect an instant response, even when the working day has ended. It is all important to get the mixture right: you should work to live, not live to work.

Happy staff, happy customers.

Richard Branson introduced unlimited holidays for all staff working for Virgin Atlantic. His staff hailed him as a hero and his competitors showed disdain. The traditional model is of 20 days holiday for a full year’s work. This has been the mainstay of business since the industrial revolution. The frantic rush to enjoy free time is synonymous with working culture. By allowing his staff to choose when to take their holiday, and how much to take, Branson saw an instant increase in happiness levels. The mockery from his peers was soon silenced. His workforce found their work life balance and with it a new zeal. Sickness levels, which had previously cost him millions and put flights at risk, dropped dramatically. This new found energy was then passed to the people that matter most to any business, his customers.

Encouraging staff to be present between certain hours has traditionally been the only solution for business. But these systems were developed when the mills relied on water power. Operating hours were firmly fixed to ensure production. But, having someone working fixed hours can often result in an uninspired and unmotivated person killing their time and harming your business.

We do things differently

At Norango we took a leaf straight out of Richard Branson’s book. Then we scrunched it up, threw it away and started with a blank sheet. In order to provide a 21st-century call centre, with a happy and motivated team, it was time for something completely different. We not only allow our team to work when they want, they also get to choose how long their shifts are. Our digital office environment uses the latest rota software. This allows all our team to tick or cross which specific hours they want to work. We believe we are the only contact centre in the World to offer this flexibility to its team. Your business is represented by an intelligent individual who is working at a time that is convenient for, and chosen by, them. Your calls are never answered by a robotic operator angry with their employer over a missed family event.

Our team weighs the work life balance in their favour. They have complete flexibility when it comes to availability and shift length. So they are always happy to speak with your customers. You and your business can relax and enjoy the increased revenue that flows from providing 24-hour services with minimal outlay.

Take control of how you work and when. Our tailor made support solutions offer complete flexibility. You can free yourself up to focus on more important matters. However you choose to use our services and features, you will soon find that an extra pair of hands will go a long way without hurting your pocket.

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