How green can you get? Environmental kudos save money and time.

Gez Couch – 26th October 2016

Green clients. Green choices. Green companies?

The need to produce less waste and emit less greenhouse gas has filtered down to the consumer level. Residents are now expected to separate household waste for recycling. The tradition of black sacks destined every week for the landfill is disappearing. Many councils now charge a levy for landfill waste. Some have taken to fining residents who do not meet the city recycling criteria. Instructions for operatives are to collect no more than a set amount of sacks from each property. Everyone is expected to do their bit.

This is reflected in the companies they now choose to do business with. Customers can follow a simple system when making a purchase. All new products, properties, and companies have an energy rating. This ranges from the ultra-green A++ to a fume-belching G.

Environmental concern is the driving force behind business decisions on a daily basis. From low flush toilets to energy saving light bulbs. From low-emission buses to smart utility meters. Multi-national corporations can allocate millions to it. They have departments dedicated to lowering the impact of their business. But smaller operations can find it hard to find time or funding to undertake lengthy environmental impact studies. Producing a reduction strategy can prove impossible. And yet, not doing so can lead to a loss in revenue as customers are more often making ethical purchasing decisions.

The cost savings of green business

When addressing the issue of energy efficiency, many business owners cite cost as their main obstacle. Green schemes are often thought to be expensive and offer little benefit. Years ago, the green industry was a booming behemoth of companies promising to improve your credentials. Many would offer an attractive certificate to emblazon on a website. But now, the rise of genuine, low impact eco-businesses has helped with their demise.

Improving your eco credentials should no longer involve discussion with your bank manager. It should not require a monthly registration to a network of like-minded individuals. It should, and will, save you money, having a minimal impact on the planet. Whilst still providing an excellent level of service to your customers.

It’s not outsourcing. It’s Greensourcing

Norango will help your business to lower its impact on the planet, without costing the earth. Keeping our environmental impact minimal means we do not have to budget for any carbon offset. And we pass these financial savings directly to our clients. We are cheaper than our competitors, whilst being able to provide a higher level of service. We have invested in the most advanced technology so you don’t have to. Our intelligent, cloud-based software will connect directly to yours. You continue to use your existing methods and enjoy the benefits of our experience. With no initial outlay, a team of professionals can be representing your brand 24 hours a day. You can be can be available to your customers with little to no impact on the environment. Outsource just one element of your day to day business to Norango. You could bring your energy rating up from the red and into the green.

Providing the most environmentally friendly service is what we set out to do. By operating a stringent environmental policy we ensure our emissions are less than 1% of others in our sector. We constantly monitor our impact on the planet. We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. In fact, we have developed and implemented our own environmental impact policy.

We aim to:

1. Establish our emissions over set periods of time

We accurately measure our emission levels over various time periods. This data is collated and used to form the basis of our environmental policy.

2. Establish and uphold energy efficiency targets

We use gathered information to determine areas where we can lessen our environmental impact. This information is then used to form an impact reduction strategy. We maintain the lowest emissions in our sector. We are 99% better for the environment than our competition. We are investing in green technology, reducing our impact on the planet even further.

3. Implement energy saving measures where needed

We follow a carbon conscious business model, periodically reviewed. Unlike our traditional competition, we do not own any property. We have no fleet of company vehicles to maintain. Our team all work from the comfort of their own homes, so we do not contribute to any pollution with a daily commute.

4. Monitor our waste

We encourage all members of the Norango team to produce as little waste as possible. Our virtual office environment produces no mountain of plastic cups. We don’t need to use trees for the production of paper and we have no hefty energy contract to offset.

5. Promote a culture of responsibility

We place the environment, and our impact on it, at the top of our list of concerns. We pioneer the provision of sustainable digital solutions for business. We operate entirely in the cloud, using our own secure network. We are able to ensure our state of the art data centre has a minimal impact on the environment.

We pay attention to every aspect of our supply chain. We promote a culture of responsibility by sourcing eco-friendly servers. We only deal with openly ethical suppliers. We ensure that our suppliers and partners comply with ISO 14001 guidelines. Our green business model meets and exceeds all European guidelines for carbon emissions and it is future proof.

So, there you have it. Go green or go home. Making your business as environmentally friendly as possible is not only easy, it’s necessary. It will save you money and time. It will make you friends and win you customers. Greening up your venture is the only way to give it the future that it, and the whole world with it, needs.

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