Cloud Control:

Is It Really That Powerful?

Katie Bodsworth – 24th October 2016

What’s in a cloud?

Rain, you might say. Thunder maybe or if you’re super unlucky; hailstones. If you’re going to get scientific, I expect H2O and static electricity will surface. But I’m not talking about chemistry.

Calling this internet storage phenomenon the ‘cloud’ is a bit of an understatement. There are vast banks of giant servers in warehouses across the globe; cloud upon cloud upon cloud. These towering grey cumulonimbi should be able to hold over 1 exabyte of information. That’s a fifth of all documented human history or, to put it in a more relatable way, 213 million HD movies. I’m pretty sure that even Barbie hasn’t made that many. Yet. Give her time…

Why should I care?

And what does all that mean for us, laying on the grass pointing out our favourite cloud shapes? Like its fluffy white counterparts, the internet cloud is many things to many people. It’s a place to store and share my 1135 pictures of my daughter’s dance recitals. It’s the reason why my tablet can be so small and yet still process office tasks that my desktop computer can do. It’s how I can access many of my files and accounts from anywhere I fancy. But what does it mean for your business?

Being ‘in the cloud’ means saving money: buying less, or lower spec, hardware. It means flexibility: scaling up or down on storage or bandwidth as needed. It means reliability: your information is accessible even when your office is not. Of course, there are always going to be contentious aspects. The issues of who actually owns the data and how safe it is from hacking will continue to be debatable. But on the whole, the cloud is the future. Life-giving rain is coming to water new business ventures and partnerships. The desert of impossibility (am I taking this metaphor too far yet?) is receding day by day and the smart entrepreneur is putting on his galoshes and getting wet.

How does it work?

Here at Norango, we are a cloud based business. We operate in a virtual space that stretches from Canada to Australia and is ever expanding. Our agents work from home, enabling us to cut down on costs and ramp up reliability. We are disaster proof: there is no building to flood. If one agent cannot work due to technical problems, we get cover and carry on. If every single one of our agents went down at the same time, its Armageddon and we all have other things on our minds! We have developed our own software, which can integrate with your business systems. And we are doing our bit for the environment. Less travel, less waste, less impact.

Our aim is to be metamorphic. Your customers need never know that they are not talking to you. We are adaptable. Like cumuli floating over your back yard, we can take on any shape to any person. You just have to tell us what you want. You have total cloud control.

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