Service Engineer Support:

Your engineers deserve better

Katie Bodsworth – 24th November 2016

Today’s internet rich world gives local businesses reach that they could not have dreamed of in decades past. Nowadays, a one man band can run an internet store from his garage. He can ship worldwide and sell hundreds of items a day.

This is all very well for your average retail entrepreneur. A customer puts in his order and goes away happy. But what about the small business offering a service to go along with their product? How does the man selling alarms in Doncaster get an engineer to reset an installation in Plymouth?

What about a telephone answering service?

Here at Norango, we offer service engineer support. We work with companies from local boiler fitters to international medical supply organisations. The premise is that potentially the most costly part of 24 hour support is getting hold of the engineers. You don’t want to be sitting up all night waiting for a phone call that with luck, will never come. You don’t want your engineers woken at 2.30am for a problem that could be dealt with next day at the office. You have handpicked your engineers for their talents. No doubt you are paying them accordingly. You don’t want timesheets including half an hour before dawn of fielding drunken husbands who have broken the alarm panel during a domestic (yes, I have taken that call!).

So, what is the best way to keep those costs down? Make sure that your engineer is only contacted for relevant issues. Our service engineer support has agents working 24/7 manning the phone lines. We are bright and alert at any time and will answer the phone quickly and professionally. You can provide us with information and FAQs: We will do our best to resolve the situation rather than escalate it. And you only pay for the calls made and received. There is someone there waiting to take the one call, that might not even come, throughout the night. We can do it during the day too if you want! We tailor all our services to you, the individual company.

Our service engineer support is used by such diverse specialities as:
IT support, including internet security software, publication software for major press companies and systems support for border security and aviation systems.
Field engineer support, including alarm callouts, home disaster callouts such as plumbing or boiler emergencies.
Medical systems support, including imaging machinery across hospitals and respiratory systems.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

“Our calls are answered 24 hours a day and Norango always properly qualify the incident. They only put calls through to our engineers with a full detail of the problem. Their ladies are always friendly and eager to help and quick to respond. Highly recommended.”

– Ken, Clearflow.

“We are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Our products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide. We need to be available at all hours for on call staff in hospitals and other medical institutions, who may need our products urgently. Our calls need to be dealt with and handled the same way we would handle them ourselves. Having been a happy client of Norango’s for several years we have found that we can fully trust them to do just that. Urgent enquiries are always dealt with efficiently and correctly. We would certainly recommend Norango’s services as they are extremely reliable. Whatever your expectations and specific needs are, Norango will be sure to meet them.”

– Barbara, Fisher & Paykel

“We sought Norango’s services at a time when we needed one central telephone number answered by an external answering service, to direct our calls to the correct individual/ department. Before selecting Norango for this project our only real concerns were the cost and whether they were reliable. Norango beat all its competitors on price and we were quick to learn that they were certainly reliable. What has pleased us the most about Norango is the staff. They are always nice and friendly and very responsive. Any small issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently. We would recommend Norango to other companies as we’ve been with them now for three years and it works very well. We have had no problems or reasons not to encourage others not to try it. It’s always worked for us and the service is exactly what we expect it to be.”

– Kai, Teclo

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