Take the "Moneypenny Challenge" now

Send us your last two Moneypenny bills to analyse, and if we can’t save you at least 25% we will donate £100 to either Save the Children, WWF or Friends of the Earth.*

Of course you want to save money, but not compromise the quality service you deliver to your customers. You want to reduce your business’ energy rating and utilise the most up-to-date technology, but without damaging the environment.

Fantastic, you’ve come to exactly the right place!

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One month “get to know each other” evaluation One week free trial
Inbound, outbound or blended, first call resolution is always our aim Inbound only
True PA services such as customer follow up and diary management Message taking only by team of 4 dedicated PAs
Over 200 Cloud integrations offering real-time management information No “off the shelf” integrations mean all calls require your attention
Fully integrated 24-hour service with the same co-ordinated team handling calls at no extra cost 24-hour add-on to cover cost of New Zealand flights, accommodation and expenses
Fully virtual operation and a true paperless working environment mean annual emissions less than 10 tons CO2 emissions for Moneypenny are 2461 tons of CO2 annually

Welcome to the Moneypenny Challenge!

Our low carbon, paperless, virtual contact centre is backed by a network of high calibre, predominantly UK born, home-based receptionists and operates at a fraction of the cost of Moneypenny. We pass the cost saving directly to you, meaning you save money and the planet at the same time.

Let´s start by telling you a little about Moneypenny


Moneypenny has provided telephone answering services for 16 years and operates from a greenfield, purpose built, 91,000 square feet office constructed in 10 acres of idyllic countryside in Wrexham, North Wales. See for yourself here

Despite the multitude of modern communication channels (emails, messaging, voice and live chat) that are now used by modern consumers, Moneypenny focus solely on good old fashioned telephone answering.

24 hours’ service (at extra cost) is delivered by Moneypenny personnel who have been flown out on secondment to the smart, fashionable North Shore City suburb of Takapuna in New Zealand! Great work if you can get it!

According to Moneypenny, they plan to increase their staff to 1000, by which time they will be producing a massive 2461 tons of CO2 per annum

Are you unwittingly increasing the Carbon Impact of your business and would you like to do something about it?

More features than Moneypenny

With our comprehensive list of features you would be expecting to pay more not less! #moneypennychallenge.

Step up with Norango

You may simply want a message, but what if you want more? What if you want us to resolve the situation so that you do not have to phone back? We can act as your switchboard, make appointments, offer troubleshooting, log support tickets directly in your system, escalate issues according to their priority level, and so much more. We take call handling to the next level.

30 Days Get to Know Each Other Time

To do this right we need to evaluate whether the service is right for you. As we are in the relationship business, getting to know you and how you want things done is vital; for us a week simply doesn’t give us enough time.

Integration with Major Cloud Services

We can create a new lead in Salesforce, open a new case in Zendesk, add to your Google contacts, create a new Mail Chimp subscriber, manage your Google calendar or post to your Twitter account.

Outstanding People

Working from the comfort of their own homes our articulate, intelligent virtual reception team consists predominantly of degree calibre business owners who share our commitment to delivering the highest quality service in the industry.

Training and Quality Assurance

Our dynamic training programme ensures that receptionists are kept up to speed with your processes, products and services. Performance metrics based on customer knowledge tests and graded call monitoring form a major part of their remuneration.

We Can Call Your Customers Too

We make no distinction between inbound or outbound calls meaning we can advise technicians of incidents, call customers to update status and even conduct customer satisfaction surveys, all within your plan minutes.

Low Carbon Footprint

With practically no carbon footprint we can help you raise the energy rating of your business. No big office to heat and no daily commute, our paperless office can instantly grow to meet your needs. Our way of working gives us (and you) a CO2 emission which is 99.6% lower than Moneypenny

Greeted, Announced and Put Through

All service plans include free patching to your devices. Calls that you choose are greeted and announced before being put through to you anywhere in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or EU. Of course if you can’t take the call, we’ll take a message.

And finally…...

Norango is committed to bringing you the very best business practices in terms of range and quality of our call handling services, whilst being 100% committed to helping the environment. We do not need to use your money to build huge new offices on prime greenfield sites, or to fly our staff halfway around the world simply to provide overnight cover. That is damaging on every level, and that's just not what Norango is about.

Take The Moneypenny Challenge Now

Send us your last two Moneypenny bills to analyse, and if we can’t save you at least 25% we will donate £100 to either Save the Children, WWF or Friends of the Earth.*

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