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30 Days Get To Know Each Other Time

To do this right we need to evaluate whether the service is right for you. As we are in the relationship business, getting to know you and how you want things done is vital; for us a week simply doesn’t give us enough time.

We Can Call Your Customers Too

We make no distinction between inbound or outbound calls meaning we can advise technicians of incidents, call customers to update status and even conduct customer satisfaction surveys all within your plan minutes.

Outstanding People

Working from the comfort of their own homes our articulate, intelligent virtual reception team consists predominantly of degree caliber business owners who share our commitment to delivering the highest quality service in the industry.

Greeted, Announced And Put Through

All service plans include free patching to VoIP devices. Calls that you choose are greeted and announced before being put through to you anywhere in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or EU.

Training And Quality Assurance

Our dynamic training program ensures that receptionists are kept up to speed with your processes, products and services. Performance metrics based on customer knowledge tests and graded call monitoring form a major part of their remuneration.

Integration With Major Cloud Services

We can create a new lead in Salesforce, open a new case in Zendesk, add to your Google contacts, create a new Mail Chimp subscriber, manage your Google calendar or post to your Twitter account.

Low Carbon Footprint

Home based receptionists with no need to travel to work and a cloud based infrastructure means we have no massive call centre to heat in winter and keep cool in summer means our CO2 emission is 99.8% lower than old fashioned competitors.

World Wide Local Numbers

Our network supports local phone numbers from 65 countries and thousands of cities meaning you can use Norango to handle calls from all over the world, whatever the caller’s local time of day.

Full Service Live Chat

Internet savvy consumers are increasingly turning to live web chat to interact with businesses, our virtual receptionists will engage with your website visitors 24/7 resolving issues or increasing conversion rates.

Direct Dial Bypass Numbers

We use VIP recognition technology to identify and store your regular contacts but you may prefer that regular callers contact you directly. Our bypass numbers enable just that and come with a personal voice mail to email facility.